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Camillo Gonsalves is the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning, Sustainable Development, and Information Technology of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He served previous stints as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Permanent Representative of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations. Camillo has degrees in Journalism, Law and Global Affairs from Temple University, George Washington University and New York University.
From the Introduction “…the confluence of cultures and races, the geopolitical imperatives and the geographic and topographical realities (of the Caribbean) have conspired to produce societies and nations that exist beyond conventional frames of reference or forecasting models…. This exceptionalism…is indispensable to any analysis that considers the past, perspective or path of independent small island states…. The global entrenchment of neoliberal orthodoxy as our planet’s guiding philosophical underpinning…represent(s) the gilded cage that confines the developmental aspirations of small islands…. The contradictions and constraints of those policies and practices have caused island states to suffer the unholy trinity of being globalised, climatised and stigmatised to varying harmful degrees…. These pages…argue for reforms to ensure that islands remain indomitable, but never ignored.”
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Globalised. Climatised. Stigmatised. by Camillo Gonsalves