QH, a HOBO JUNGLE imprint presents Words into Infinities, poetry by Robley Whitson 102 pages, $15.00
Robley Whitson is a distinguished Litchfield County writer and artist. His academic career has included positions as dean of faculty and distinguished professor of anthropology of religion, chair of the Fordham University Department of Theology, and Visiting Scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary. As a writer and artist he has produced a large body of work, both poetry and pictures which are together conceived as poetry: poems in words together with poems- without- words. Among his published works are five books of poetry and drawings: Poeming Elusion, Mytholog, Miro Mirror, Missa Solemnis, and Lotus Sutra Poems. He is also the author of The Coming Convergence of World Religions, and The Shakers, Two Centuries of Spiritual Reflection. The major part of the body of his pictures is in the collection of The University of Connecticut’s Museum of Fine Arts.
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