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Songs of the Marrow Bone
in memory of Nan(cy) Adams (Malone) and Jane (Cohen) Stinson
Ed. Note More years ago than we want to remember, we left our family, home and friends of long-standing to embark on a journey. Feeling guilty and homesick even before we left, we promised that -- in due time -- we would publish, in book form, the work of a devoted group of writers who, over a period of 10 years (and with surprising regularity), met to read and discuss their writing. The years passed and the job was never done; but the promise remained. The time to honor that commitment was long past due. Two members of the group have since died, several others have advanced their careers, and all of us have changed in ways too numerous to categorize. Yet, when it finally came time to begin the task, we realized that the world has changed dramatically. since these poems were written: the Internet was only just beginning to show its promise as a medium of getting across information and ideas to millions and millions of people. Today, publishing a book in print as a way of reaching the masses is secondary to publishing on the Internet. With that in mind, we decided to publish Songs of the Marrow Bone on the Internet in the format you are now reading while also honoring the commitment to create a work on paper. In the spirit of Hobo Jungle and this new mass medium, it is here for you to read in its entirety absolutely free. If there are any pages you wish to hold and cherish please feel free to print them. On the other hand, If you would like to help support our authors, you may purchase the print version, which we think you will agree is quite satisfying to hold. Simply click on the link above and it will take you to’s order page where you can purchase one or more paperback copies.
Poetry and fiction by the members of the Washington, CT writers' group