His day-dreaming was interrupted by the sound of yelling coming from the TV inside. He ran into the living room to see what the commotion was all about. Overbay had just hit a double down center field allowing Suzuki and Cano to come home. The Bombers were having a rough season with Jeter and A-Rod out due to injuries. But Suzuki and Overbay seemed to be helping the Yankees maintain a decent position in the Eastern Division. Carlo was hopeful. With all the commotion on TV and his speculating about how the season would go for the Yankees, he never heard what was going on just outside his living room. There was a fight going on between two angry drivers. One guy, a tough looking bull of a man, had been yelling about a parking spot being his and demanding that the other guy should just drive on. The other man was screaming back that he wasn’t going to be pushed around by some asshole clown. Suddenly, a gunshot rang out missing its intended target. The bullet penetrated the living room window in front of which Carlo stood glued to the TV. The bus arrived at the Port Authority building In New York City about 45 minutes later than had been expected. Doreen called her husband to tell him that they had arrived and should be home in half an hour, give or take. It went to voice mail. She left a message. Gary was relieved to see that he would have enough time to go home, change into a decent pair of pants and shirt, put on a jacket and still be on time for the reception. As he was walking home from the bus station he decided to call Nancy and let her know that he was safe and sound and would see her after the award ceremony. He assumed that by now Nancy would be in the car on her way home. Nancy, having heard the phone ring went to grab it from the console next to the driver’s seat where she always kept it. In the split second that she took her eyes of the road, a BMW, going way over the speed limit was cutting in front of her. She never saw it. Gary’s message went to voice mail. He assumed that Nancy hadn’t answered his call because she has probably entered a cellular dead-zone. He left a message that he would be home in time for cocktails.
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