Return to Home Page Return to Home Page Dr. The Hon. Ralph E. Gonsalveshas been Prime Minister ofSaint Vincent and the Grenadinessince 2001.
….(A) country’s political economy in the epoch of capitalism, can be best pursued through a thorough examination of its labour movement and the working people who constitute it…. Central to (this) is the requisite for solidarity among women and men, particularly those increasingly marginalised by monopoly capitalism and neo- liberalism, to improve and transform for the better, their lives, living and production. …(T)he everyday struggles of workers for the improvement of their condition under capitalism and the raising of their total class consciousness to push, in their interest, for alterations, to contemporary monopoly capitalism, are inextricably inter-connected. …(S)lavery’s end meant that, legally, the worker (the former slave) was able to sell his or her labour power to whichever employer he or she chose; or, indeed not to sell his or her labour power at all, or to become engaged in own-account economic activity. However, the notional freedom to do something and the possession of the actual capacity to do so are two different things, entirely.
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The Economy of the Labour Movement In St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Ralph E. Gonsalves