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Beach Drumming

Winter solstice ritual honors change entry to the Underground encountering demons of the night of the year Night has arrived Wrestle demons of lies half-truths Face Truth full on so you know what she looks like how she feels when she touches you Get familiar False hood wears many disguises fancy glasses of Distraction even the cloak of Kindness Envy and Anger have their masks appear to be Truth use her to create lies Beach drumming mesmerizes entrances honors winter entry to the Underground encountering demons
Poetry by Ruth Boerger

How to Conjugate

I thought I'd learned it all in English class then in German, Latin Italian and Spanish
I love you love he, she, it loves
we love you love they love
Conjugation cannot happen easily in separate bedrooms or behind walls of silence
ich liebe du liebst er, sie, es liebt
wir lieben ihr liebt Sie und sie lieben
amo amas amat
amamus amatis amant

I Cry

Today I cry And cry My sorrow is deep I swim and cry Salt tears Flow into salt water Salt tears For innocent victims of oppression For lungfish caught and destroyed for their roe For dry soil wanting rain For my brother's early death For my parents' pain For my children's pain
hunger humiliation torment fear who inflict pain whose souls are tormented who is mocked the rapist the tears I am the raped Today I cry for all My sorrow is deep I cannot stop My heart cries for all I cry I am the fool I am the power monger I am the murderer